Visas and consular services

Entry and stay in Romania


If you plan to visit Romania, you should carefully read and take note of the requirements and procedures published on the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage:

Categories of citizens who can apply for Romanian visa at the consular office in Baku:
• Azerbaijani citizens;
• Aliens who reside or are nationals of the state where the diplomatic mission or consular post of Romania is located and who can make the proof of their legal status on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
• Nationals of states where Romania is not represented by a diplomatic mission or a consular post;
• Aliens temporarily and legally residing on the territory of a state where a diplomatic mission or consular post of Romania is accredited.


The aforementioned categories of aliens, can apply for a Romanian visa only in person.

Azerbaijani citizens may enter and stay on the territory of Romania in base of a valid visa. A visa is a document that enables the holder to arrive at any Romanian border post, in order to require a transit through, or, depending on the case, a short-stay on the Romanian territory.

Caution: Possession of the Romanian visa does not guarantee the entrance on the territory of Romania.

The border post officers will demand aliens to make the proof of the fulfillment of the general conditions of entry and stay on the Romanian territory, as provided by law. Should the conditions provided for, not be fulfilled, aliens will be forbidden to enter the Romanian territory, despite the fact that they might have previously obtained a Romanian visa.
Holders of a national passport, who intend to apply for Romanian visa must be in possession of a passport in good conditions and valid for at least 3 months after the date of departure from Romania.
Azerbaijani citizens, holders of a diplomatic or service passport, can travel to Romania for maximum 90 days without visa.

For more information, visit following websites:
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania -
– Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration -
– Romanian Border Police -

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