Visas and consular services

General Information about the Romanian visa

 According to the provisions of GO 194/2002 concerning the regime of aliens in Romania, republished as subsequently amended, the Romanian visa is granted by Romanian diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

Types of visas granted and issued by the Romanian state:

•  The airport transit visa (marked A) allows the access into and stay in the international area of an airport until boarding the plane to the country of destination;

• The transit visa (marked B) allows access on the territory of Romania, for the purpose of transit, for a duration of at the most 5 days;

• The short-stay visa (marked C) allows entry and a short stay of aliens on the territory of Romania for no more than 90 days within an interval of maximum 6 months from the date of entry (in the case of a multiple-entry visa, the duration of the stay will be taken into account from the date of the first entry). The Romanian short-stay visa is granted for the following purposes: official government mission, tourism, business, private visit, transportation, participation in sports activities, as well as cultural, scientific or academic events. In the case of a holder of a short-stay visa, the stay right cannot be extended.

• The long-stay visa (marked D) allows the entry and stay of aliens on the territory of Romania for a period of 90 days at the most, for the following purposes: economic activities, professional activities, commercial activities (such as investment), religious or humanitarian activities, work, studying, family reunification, as well as research. The right of stay in this case is of 90 days; however, this type of visa allows for its prolongation following an official request addressed to the Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania. The requests for the extension of the right of stay must be personally submitted by the applicants, at the local branch-offices of the Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration closest to their place of residence, at least 30 days before expiry of the stay right granted by the visa. Overstaying the visa entails cancellation of the visa and the obligation of leaving the territory of Romania.


Processing time

I.The average processing time for the airport transit visa (symbol A), the transit visa (symbol B) and the short stay visa (symbol C) is 7 days from the date the application is submitted. For the applicants of one of the underlined countries listed in annex1, these types of visa (symbol A, B or C) will only be granted in agreement with the Romanian Authorities for Aliens.

II. The long stay visa (symbol D) is issued within 30 days  from the registration date and will only be granted in agreement with the Romanian Authorities for Aliens. Please note that while we believe the given information is correct and up-to-date, the Embassy of Romania is not legally responsible in the event of errors, omissions or obsolescence. The operators (such as airlines and travel agencies) must use appropriate means to inform their customers of potential travel requirement issues before making any nonrefundable reservations.

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