Public diplomacy activity

The Contact Point Embassy (CPE) network was created in 1992 to support the activities of the North Atlantic Co-operation Council (NACC), which was transformed into Euro-Atlantic Partneship Council (EAPC) in 1997. The CPE network represents one of the channels through which the Alliance’s policy is made known in partner countries.

Romanian diplomatic mission started its 1st NATO Contact Point Embassy mandate in Azerbaijan in January 2009 and nowadays is already performing its 4th successive mandate. Embassy of Romania organized in cooperation with local partners a large number of public diplomacy activities (seminars, roundtables, workshops and conferences). The goal of these events has been to increase public awareness, especially among the Azerbaijani young generation, regarding North-Atlantic Alliance and the benefits of NATO-Azerbaijan cooperation as a way of ensuring a solid ground for future deepening of relations. Within its activity Romanian diplomatic mission paid constant attention to promotion of Euro-Atlantic values and standards in Azerbaijan. 

For more detailed information about the public activities carried out in Azerbaijan during 2009-2010, 2011-2012,  2013-2014 and 2015-2016 mandates, we invite you to visit the links below:


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